Our Company

Our company started as a full service Real Estate Investment Company.

Most companies in this arena have failed since they were not prepared for the down-turn the market has taken. With the swing in the economy you will find that the market  goes up and down with some dips bigger than others. The only way to stay successful is to be prepared by acquiring properties and liquidating properties at the correct time.

We are not real estate salesman, but investors that are in the business. Our knowledge is backed by over 40 years of training and educating others while curving our personal investments to survive in the market. At Creative Wealth Academy (CWA) we have not only survived the economic downturn, but have flourished with the opportunities we have been presented.

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The market has opened great opportunities for investors and we are continuing to provide these opportunities through our channels to the right opportunity seekers, in the right markets. Of joining us in the real estate business is something you are curious about, we invite you to sit down with the team and let them shed light on the real estate business and how you will control your own destiny and not have to worry whether or not the market will hold or collapse.