The Perfect Deal Flow
We want you to have our proprietary 7-Step Real Estate Deal System that has helped us close 3000+ transactions in 46 states, so you never have to worry about how to close a real estate deal ever again.
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$8,100 On His First Deal

19 year old Chance decided to change his life by starting in real estate. His dad funded his startup costs and Chance was able to change the trajectory of his life forever when he closed his first deal, netting him $8100.
80% of the lead sources you'll go after fit within one of these three buckets. Find out which one you should focus most of your effort on.
You must identify what "type of money" you're going after before you do anything else. If not you'll continue to spin your wheels...
You don't need to be a master at everything, you really only need to get good at a fews things and let others take care of the rest.
The single more important thing you should do when you are negotiating with another seller or anyone else for that matter.
$48,900 Profit Builder Deal
$89,000 Profit Landlord Deal
Brad Quintana & Chad McCall
We both started out as teenagers in this business. We are actually going to share our exact formula that we've used to close over 3,100 transactions. 

This simple formula made us both our first million and continues to generate millions of dollars per year regardless of what the market does.

This might just be the most important tool for your business this year! You can learn from over 20 years of real estate experience and exactly what is working in today's market.  

This works no matter what market you are in. Be a step ahead of your competition and close more deals.
Brad & Chad
Learning the perfect deal flow is only a click away...
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