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Real Estate Events Unlike Anything You've Experienced Before 
Seminars and Workshops that help you get more deals done.
We believe active learning is the best way to truly transfer knowledge and create permanent change. 
Traditional real estate seminars provide most people with a lot of useful information that makes you feel good that you're learning a lot of new strategies and tactics.

The problem is that once you leave the seminar you don't actually take action on most of the things you've learned. You think the problem is you so you attend more and more seminars, but the lack of results usually don't change.

We take a different approach. We want you to take action and implement the strategies we're using in our business right there at the event. In addition we have Live Sessions that let you see first hand how typical conversations go. 
Listen to real attendees from recent events
Never get caught without a flow of motivated sellers leads again.
Never get caught without a flow of motivated sellers leads again.
Kristine Eng
Frank Thompson
Drew Dorsett
Andrew Simpson
Donna Spalding
Tyler Shoaf
Understanding what to do with each lead once you get them is a huge part of what will make you success. If you need additional help with the entire Deal Flow Process then join us for our upcoming webinar. 
Do you need more of a Partner to work with you 1-on-1 and close deals with you or help you level up what you are currently doing? Then apply to become an Elite Partner today. Spots are limited and certain markets are already taken.
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We have 2 types of events, seminars and workshops. Our seminars are for the general public and our workshops are smaller 2 Day events for clients where we limit the number of attendees to approximately 10-12. 

The workshops are more intimate and allow us to work on your business in a transformational way.
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